Signature NeuroBioStructural Analysis

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The world's most advanced new patient diagnostic experience!  Includes

  • Consultation (can be in-office or virtual)
  • 10-point PostureIQ assessment: measures postural breakdown under gravity with 1mm specificity.  Reads weight carried on each foot, low hip, fixed point/spine tilt, shoulder rotation, pelvis rotation, low shoulder, neck tilt, and head tilt.  
  • 3-dimensional Nerve Scan with COREScore report: state-of-the-art infrared thermographic scan to measure autonomic activity, surface electomyography (sEMG) scan to measure motor nerve activity, and pulse waive profiler scan to measure heart rate variability and neurological adaptability.
  • 7-view high definition digital x-ray assessment - proprietary views of the head-neck junction you went get anywhere else and analysis down the bottom of the pelvis.  Allows the doctor to measure structural collapse, twist, and degeneration.  Analysis is specific to 1/5mm or 1/16 of an inch.  
  • Benefits check
  • Second day Doctor's report of findings
  • Written report